Georgen is currently the Librarian at Fortis Institute, Port St. Lucie

After earning her BA in Anthropology from the University of Kentucky, Georgen received her MLS and MA in Communications from the same institution. She later pursued doctoral studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the School of Library and Information Studies.

Over the next decade, she has gained experience as an academic librarian, special collections librarian, archivist, and museum professional. She’s built and managed collections of books, objects, photographs, manuscripts, and information¬†and has made these collections accessible in many creative ways.

Always eager to learn new technologies that help her to better reach out to multiple audiences, she’s created Facebook pages, websites, databases. She’s also organized large, ongoing¬†volunteer projects; supervised and recruited staff; written columns for the newspaper; and led presentations on many topics.


[Header image: Andy Goldworthy]